March 4, 2017


On a recent solo adventure through San Francisco, I wanted to explore a mix of hidden gems, less touristy spots and more touristy spots. I love adventure. I love getting lost, the unknown and the memories that come along with that. During this trip, I had only planned on being by myself for the majority of the trip but ended up connecting with some new friends and old friends who happened to be in the city and wanted to join in on some of my adventures. I happily accepted as we came across these amazing spots! If you're looking for a fun getaway to San Fran, be sure to check out these must-stop spots on your next trip :



1. Take a turn on the Golden Gate Swing.

 This spot has been on my life list for quite some time. Located in the Kirby Cove Campground, the Golden State Swing boasts stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge while bringing out some childlike fun. This spot among many others made this trip so memorable and has become one of my favorite memories. If you're heading here in the near future and want the swing to yourself, be sure to arrive in the morning and bring your camera! Read up on my Golden Gate Swing experience here.



2. Sing your heart out at the Mint Karaoke Bar.

 Okay, so I have a confession. I have a deep rooted fear of speaking and singing on stage. During this trip, I made myself get over one of my fears and karaoke was one of them. Enter the Mint Karaoke Bar in the Mission District. Hands down the BEST karaoke bar I've ever been to! The crowd is fantastic, costumes on point, drinks stiff and karaoke collection formidable. We were here on a Thursday and it was busyyyyy but oh so fun! Be sure to get here early to enter your song selections to get a chance to sing!



3. Get nostalgic at the Full House house.


 It wouldn't be a trip to San Francisco without a little nostalgia. My childhood dreams came true when I walked up to the Full House house. Singing the theme song while reading the hilarious "be courteous of our neighbors" sign. It definitely looks different from when it was filmed as there were construction crews there while I visited. The door is no longer the infamous red and other parts of the inside and outside are being renovated. But it's worth a visit if you grew up in the 90's or are watching Fuller House currently! Some may be confused that the "real" Full House house is not set among the Painted Ladies like shown in the opening credits, but rather it's located on Broderick Street. Google Maps knows. Just look up "Full House House."



4. Hunt down the city's best street art.


 When visiting a new city, I love taking in all the culture it has to offer and the art is no exception. San Francisco has incredible street art and it's pretty cool to experience it all because most of it is so unexpected and surprising. This shot was taken in the Tenderloin and when I saw it, I vowed to live a life as crazy, as beautiful, as terrifying, as colorful, as amazing and as lively as this wall. Here is a breakdown of the best street art in San Francisco. Go find it!



5. Have a drink up high in the sky at the View Lounge.

 No wonder this place was named "The View Lounge." The views really are incredible from 39 stories up the Marriott Union Square Hotel. On one side of the room you have views of skyscrapers and the ocean and the other side views of the hills and houses. The architecturally stunning windows make for some awesome pictures and are beautiful in their own right. Have a drink while watching the sunset but be sure to get here early to grab a good table or seat! It's even stunning once the sun has gone down with all the city lights twinkling from below.



6. Grab some cardboard and slide down the Seward Street Slides.

 The Seward Street Slides are a super quirky surprise built into the lush hillside of one of the steepest hills in San Francisco hidden in Castro. What's more fun than being childlike while exploring a new place? Be sure to bring a friend to race and some cardboard if you have it. Some people leave it behind but it's better to bring it just in case!



7. Take a walk (hike) up Jones Street.

 The city is full of crazy and quirky architecture, happenings, art and food. What seems like tilted houses and buildings that actually aren't, are a pretty crazy sight to see for yourself. It's all about the angle you look at them. Take a walk (let's be realistic, a hike) up Jones street. The architects and builders of these places had to be pretty damn precise in their plans and measurements I'd say.



8. Get fancy at the Palace Hotel for high tea.

 There's something about feeling fancy.. when you're absolutely not. Be sure to stop in on a Saturday at the beautiful Palace Hotel for some afternoon high tea. The Garden Court is the perfect  place to experience some fancy tea drinking pinkies out and all and grab some delicious fare. It all feels very royal and grown up. 



So there you have it! I had an absolute blast during my trip to the Bay area and these places made it so much more memorable. A big thank you to everyone who joined in. Until next time SF! If you're heading out here soon, be sure to check out some of these spots and let me know how you like them!


Happy traveling!

xx Steph


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