April 25, 2018


H Hotel Los Angeles is not just a hotel but a gateway to the best that Los Angeles has to offer, conveniently located just a stone’s throw away from LA’s main travel hub, LAX airport. Upon arrival back into the United States from our month long trip from Singapore, the first things I wanted were a nice, hot shower, a big, comfy bed and some delicious room service. We arrived to H Hotel Los Angeles within what seemed like minutes. We quickly got our bags, hopped on the 24 hour hotel airport shuttle, and a few minutes later, arrived at our new home for the next few days!

This new and modern H Hotel hub is the perfect place to call home after a long flight, before a flight or just as a home base to discover Los Angeles. Upon arrival to the H Hotel Los Angeles, we instantly checked into our super large and luxurious room where I rapidly changed into a comfy robe and ordered room service before a welcome and needed long nap to get back onto Pacific time. I know what you’re thinking… you’re in LA and you are napping?! But you guys, after 32 days, 4 countries, 8 flights, 10 hours on trains, 24 hours in cars, 3 hours on boats, working nonstop, waking up at sunrise and going to bed at midnight everyday, a nap was long overdue and just plain glorious if I do say so myself!

After waking up from our nap, we were delighted by a welcome delivery of room service and a flourless fudgy chocolate cake made by the Waypoint Restaurant staff. We spent the rest of our evening relaxing, eating, taking in the sunset views from the rooftop deck and began to map out our days exploring Los Angeles, hoping that we could quickly get back onto Pacific time. After a restful first night at the H Hotel, we awoke with mounds of energy ready to head out and explore some of our favorite Los Angeles sights. But first, breakfast. We had a delicious breakfast spread at the Waypoint Restaurant where we had the most helpful and delightful staff! before starting our day. My favorite part, the french toast wittingly shaped into a perfect “H.”We spent our next few days exploring Downtown Los Angeles’ art and food scene, seeing places like the Last Bookstore, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall along with heading toward the coast to ride bikes on the Venice boardwalk and to play games and watch the sunset on Santa Monica Pier and beach. Seeing as the H Hotel is so conveniently located to all these places, it really was a breeze to Uber to all our different spots without any hassle.


Ending our days back in our room with a visit from the H Hotel robot helper, Hannah, to deliver us ice cream, water or toothbrushes was the extra cherry on top to an already incredible stay! We loved calling down for Hannah the robot and greeting her at our door with her deliveries! When I say robot, I mean it! She works on her own, gets in and out of the elevator by herself and asks you questions! She even has the cutest robot noises I've ever heard!


Los Angeles always feels like home and staying at the H Hotel Los Angeles made it feel even more like home. It has become my favorite conveniently placed hotel right in the heart of everything I need when I’m traveling to and from LAX. If you’re headed to Los Angeles, you must stop into the H Hotel Los Angeles for a stay and to hang out with Hannah the robot!



To book a stay at H Hotel Los Angeles, click HERE.

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April 25, 2018


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