April 14, 2018


My absolute favorite country to visit on this trip was Sri Lanka. The landscape, people, culture and adventure made it one of the most memorable legs and I fell in love with every single bit of it! Within all the amazing things Sri Lanka had to offer, came one of the best experiences I ever had with Kulu Safaris in Yala National Park. Kulu Safaris blends the adventure of a wildlife safari and luxury eco glamping in the middle of the immensely stunning Sri Lankan wilderness.

We first arrived to the Kulu Safaris Camp on a fantastic and adventurous ride in one of their modified safari jeeps which was the best way to start our stay! We were welcomed with delicious, fresh papaya juice and cold, refreshing towels, setting the mood for our wonderful camp experience. We were shown to our large and luxury tent named Golden Rain, which housed plush beds, en-suite bathroom, welcome air conditioning, wooden from porch with lounge chairs, and incredible views of our camp for the ultimate relaxation among the beautiful remote landscape. Prior to leaving on our first safari, we were served an incredible, homemade lunch spread by the Kulu Safari staff. The food ended up being my favorite food of this entire trip. It was inventive, fresh and so delicious! It consisted of fried rice, vegetable salad, potato and chicken curry. We were even served fried elephant leaves from the elephant tree right by our tent! We finished lunch off with some ice cream, explored the campgrounds, where we discovered the best tree house deck and enjoyed a cold beer while admiring the watering hole and mountains.

We ventured out on our afternoon safari Into Yala National Park with another lovely couple from the United Kingdom and witnessed some incredible wildlife including, elephants, leopards, crocodiles, monkeys, water buffalo, deer and birds, just to name a few, Our guide, Manju, was so knowledgeable and answered any questions we had about the animals and their habits. It was a truly magical experience being at one with nature and seeing the animals in their habitat with the sun setting behind the trees. An experience I will never forget! We were welcomed back at camp with a cocktail and candlelit barbecue dinner with the other guests.There’s something about sitting underneath a sky full of stars in the middle of nowhere, eating, drinking and getting to know people from all over the world. Special is the word that comes to mind.

The next morning, we watched the sun rise over the lake and mountains from the tree house where the sky lit up in pink hues. We sipped our coffee and tea from our front porch veranda listening to the sounds of camp swirl by and then were welcomed by a large and homemade breakfast spread. I swear, I’ve never had so much delicious food in one sitting! That morning, we decided we wanted to go kayaking on the lake with our friends from the United Kingdom and some Kulu Safari guides. While we didn’t see any crocs, we got to be up close and personal with a crossing herd of water buffalo which was such a neat thing to experience! The water was like glass and was another perfect way to be among the wildlife of Sri Lanka. We ran around camp the rest of the day, soaking it all in, lounging in the hammocks, sitting in the tree house and eating another delicious meal before we had to head out to our next destination in Sri Lanka. We never wanted to leave! The staff was so helpful, kind, accommodating and truly amazing. The landscape was out of this world, the food, incredible and the safari, an unforgettable experience!

If you’re thinking about heading to Sri Lanka, which you absolutely should, seeing as it’s my favorite country I’ve ever visited, be sure to make a safari and stay at Kulu Safaris a must stop on your trip! It made our Sri Lanka trip so special and so memorable. Being able to witness elephants in the wild and coming back to an incredible luxury eco camp was the best experience I could’ve asked for! To book a stay at Kulu Safaris, click HERE.

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