April 18, 2017

I love to capture and create during my travels. I love having the takeaways and moments in photo and video form and being able to share them with others, partially because I feel like my memory is terrible and it helps me remember where I go, who I meet and what I do when traveling the world. If you want to get into traveling or learn how to capture moments in a more professional way and don't really know what travel gear you may need to get started to amp up your game, check out my ultimate travel gear checklist! All of these items are things I personally use and swear by when I travel. Here we go!


1. Camera

This goes without saying, if you want to document your travels, bring / buy a camera! I personally use a Canon EOS 7D for my photography with a 18-135mm wide angle lens. Wide angle lenses are great lenses to bring along on travels as they can capture landscapes, hotels, portraits and anything in between. They are longer and heavier lenses but it beats having to change out your lens and risking dropping it every time you want a different look to your pictures.


Shop the Canon EOS 7D and 18mm lens HERE.










2. GoPro

GoPros are my favorite things ever invented. They are perfect for any kind of adventure from the ocean to the mountains putting that super wide angle on your pictures and videos which creates some epic shots in my opinion. I personally use the GoPro Hero 4 Silver and it has been great for all my travel needs. I have also heard that the GoPro Hero 5 Black and the GoPro Hero 5 Session are fantastic and I can't wait to try them out. When I shoot with my GoPro, I put it on a continuous video setting and when I upload the videos to my computer, I am able to "grab" stills from my videos making it look like I was taking pictures when using my GoPro. Neat right?! Another neat travel hack I have picked up along the way : If you don't have a selfie stick for your GoPro or it breaks during an adventure, grab a hair tie and loop it through the housing and attach it to your wrist. This pretty much guarantees that you won't lose that GoPro and it makes it easier to grab and shoot in an instant.


Shop the GoPro Hero 5 Black HERE.


Shop the GoPro Hero 4 Silver HERE.


Shop the GoPro Hero 5 Session HERE.













3. Tripod

Tripods are great things to have on your travels, especially if you're on a solo trip or adventure. I use mine often and it comes in handy when I shooting long exposure shots. I also have extra attachments for my Go Pro and iPhone for the tripod making it super easy and universal for all my photography and videography needs during my travels. I personally use the ZOME! Aluminum Heavy Duty, Lightweight Portable Tripod with Ball Head and the Accmor Tripod Mount Adapter Universal.Cell Phone Attachment fro Tripods and Selfie Sticks.


Shop the ZOME! Aluminum Portble Tripod HERE.


Shop the Tripod Mount Adapter Universal Cell Phone Attachment HERE.














4. Wireless Shutter Remote

Again, perfect for the solo traveler or even for couples or friends traveling together if you want to take pictures of yourselves in settings but don't want to have to find a stranger to take it for you. Or there are no humans in sight.. enter the wireless remote. Simple set your camera to the remote 10 sec. / 2 sec. setting and press the button! I personally use the AmazonBasics Wireless Remote Control for Canon Digital SLR Cameras. It's handy and gets the job done, plus inexpensive. 


Shop the AmazonBasics Wireless Remote Control HERE.














5. External Hard Drive

I shoot a lot of content on a daily basis during my travels and I always have my external hard drive with me to back that content up. On top of that, I have a second external hard drive just in case. You never know when something freakish happens and suddenly you lose your files and have no way of getting them back and the drone, Go Pro and camera produce large file sizes that slow my computer down. I personally use the Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB Portable External Hard Drive  and the 2TB External Hard Drive for Mac. It's light, durable and has lasted for the last 8 months though all sorts of conditions!


Shop the Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB External Hard Drive HERE.


Shop the Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB External Hard Drive HERE.












6. Gimbal Stabilizer

This little gem is one of the coolest gadgets I own. It takes all my shaky Go Pro and iPhone footage and makes it seamless and smooth. If I'm running while holding the gimbal with my phone attached and recording, it looks like I'm barely moving while also moving forward at a steady pace. Pretty nifty, huh!? I personally use the LanParte Gimbal HHG-01 3 Axis Motorized Handheld Stabilizer for GoPro and iPhone / smartphones. Th 3 axis stabilizer keeps the footage clean and fluid and I have had nothing but success with it. It also comes with a Go Pro attachment which is super helpful for traveling! Most of my videos feature footage taken with the LanParte Gimbal Stabilzer.


Shop the LanParte 3 - Axis Gimbal Stabilizer HERE.















7. Selfie Stick

A good thing to have so you're not constantly holding your iPhone or Go Pro or DSLR. It also keeps your gadgets at length to produce some cool shots and videos at different angles. I previously bought a cheap one in Thailand after realizing I forgot to pack one and it broke halfway through the trip. So I recently purchased the Fugetek FT-568 Professional High End Alloy Selfie Stick which can be used with my camera, phone, and GoPro.


Shop the Fugetek Professional High End Alloy Selfie Stick HERE.













8. iPhone

Who doesn't have one of these these days? The iPhone 7 Plus has now almost replaced digital cameras with it's crazy good camera and portrait mode. It blurs the background on a subject and creates that effect that previously only a digital camera could create. If you happen to be in a pinch financially or just don't want to invest in a camera, the new iPhone is a fantastic alternative and smaller than a professional camera! Also a fantastic alternative to the iPhone 7 Plus is the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S. Both have great cameras and features for the modern traveler.


Shop the iPhone 7 Plus HERE.


Shop the iPhone 6S HERE.

















9. Charging Powerstation

With all these electronics, a power port or charging hub is absolutely necessary on the go and an item I use almost everyday when plugs are nonexistent. I don't know how many times my phone or Go Pro has died right when I have really needed it the most during my adventures. I end up frustrated more than ever. Enter the charging powerstation! I use the Mophie Powerstation Mini External Battery for Universal Smartphones and Tablets. The really great thing about this charging hub is that it will give you up to 8 hours of charging time on the go!


Shop the Mophie Powerstation Mini External Battery HERE.













10. Drone

Now, if you want to get super fancy and professional during your travels and amp up your game, a drone is the way to do it. Capture incredible aerial footage and shots and create videos that truly look professional and legit! I personally use the DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4K. What's neat about this drone is that it has intelligent multiple flight modes including, Course Lock, Home Lock, Point of Interest, Follow Me and Waypoints, which I found to be much easier to navigate and use, plus I can capture myself in some videos without having to have someone else with me to help me do it! Plus it has a built in 4K camera to capture the best footage possible.


Shop the Phantom 3 Professional HERE.


Recently DJI has also come out with a new drone that folds up, the DJI Mavic Pro, which is smaller than the Phantom 3 Pro and much easier to travel with. I have yet to get one and try it out, but I have heard awesome things about it from other travelers.


Shop the Mavic Pro HERE.











11. Laptop

Obviously all your pictures and content are going to have to go somewhere and I'm sure most people have one of these, but the MacBook Air is the best when traveling. Lightweight, super thin and can get the job done when it comes to editing and storage. If you want to amp up your photography game, you're going to have to amp up your editing and computer game as well! I personally use the Macbook Air 13.3 in 128GB.


Shop the Macbook Air 13.3 in. HERE.











11. Travel Gear Bag

While traveling with a drone usually requires it's own bag / backpack, I've been personally using the Multi-function and Waterproof Camden Outdoor Travel Bag for Nikon and Canon during my travels and it is AWESOME. This bag has been my saving grace. The bottom camera area pulls out and has room for your camera body, lens and chargers and protects them seamlessly. It is also removable if you don't want to bring a large camera along allowing for use of the full backpack. Underneath the backpack has clip attachments to hold tripods and selfie sticks. There is a secret pocket in the back to hide anything valuable and a sleeve for your laptop. The top part has room for any other items like your Go Pro, charger hubs, stabilizers, external hard drives, remotes and journals. The front zipper pocket leaves room for the important travel essentials like your passport, wallet and sunglasses. The all-in-one (minus the drone) travel backpack! It is a must get!


Shop the Camden Outdoor Travel Bag HERE.















So there you have it! My ultimate travel gear checklist of everything I travel with to create and capture some professional and amazing footage while visiting some incredible places around the world! Don't forget all those chargers. I hope you find this helpful in your travel journey and I hope you enjoy learning more about traveling and photography through these posts.


Happy traveling and shopping!

xx Steph



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